Ms. Valeria Berumen

"Learning will always be that door that opens to countless dreams, projects, possibilities, and realities”

My greatest motivation is to accompany students in the journey of discovery and learning.

Ms. Valeria has a B.A. in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, México. As soon as she graduated, she started working in the pedagogy area where her adventure began in the education field; adventure that adds 18 years of experience to date. 

Being in front of the group as a teacher has been a situation that she finds challenging and enriching. This experience has led her to develop a special interest in the process of Teaching and Learning; thereafter, she completed a M.A.  in Education at the Inter-American University for Development. She is currently working as a counselor and teacher of upper secondary education.

Ms. Valeria does not hesitate to take a walk in the great outdoors, an activity she uses to clear her mind and renew energy. She has recently developed a taste for exploring in the kitchen although every so often finishing up with a great result it is a major challenge. In education, it is also important to give a little more than expected to innovate the learning experience.

Ms. Mónica García

Mónica García was born in México City and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  Her acquisition of language as a second language learner herself, sparked an interest to pursue an AA Degree in Child Development to study how children develop language and see the world throughout their developmental stages.

Ms. García obtained her AA degree from Los Angeles Valley College in 2010. In 2013, she transferred to Cal State Los Angeles University and obtained her B.A in Spanish in 2015.  Throughout her academic journey, Mónica had also been working as a Special Ed Assistant, Translator, and Resource Teacher Assistant for fourteen years at Los Angeles Unified School District. 

Mrs. Garcia decided not to become a Teacher for LAUSD, because she prefers a more intimate setting to have an immediate connection with her students.  However, she greatly appreciates her journey, because her career at LAUSD has given her the opportunity to develop her skills and grow as an educator and a tutor.  Not only has Mrs. Garcia worked with students in a school setting, but in 2017 she became a volunteer educator at a Grassroot Community Organization named Girasoles en Marcha, teaching and tutoring students in South Los Angeles for two years.  In 2019, Ms. Garcia became the Program Manager of G.E.M. and currently, she leads in the creation and content of culture preservation through ethnic studies and assists in managing a social justice literary book club.