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English as a second language and Language Arts/English


From K-12

Our program is designed for kids from K-12. It is divided into three parts: 

(1) English as a second language for kids whose English is not their mother tongue, and they are interested on either learning or improving the language. These classes are also a reinforcement for those students that are having struggles with the English language acquisition at school. The program has three main levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance.


(2) Language Arts/English that covers the main areas from the Elementary to High School curriculum: Grammar, reading, Literature, and essay writing. 

(3) Tutoring for Middle and High School, and we also do tutoring for AP English. 

Welcome homeschooling children! 

We are vendors of many charter schools and you can use your school's funds to pay for the classes.

Preteen schoolgirl doing her homework wi


We help students that are struggling with the main areas in English: reading, writing, and grammar. We work with them to achieve a better understanding on the subject and go beyond what they acquired in the classroom. Our mission is to detect specific needs, to assist and to encourage students in the learning process.


We understand how difficult it is to apprehend all of the content in regular high school classes and many students come unprepared for junior or senior years. To be able to aspire to a prestigious college, they might show superiority in their grades and meet the expectations of those schools. AP courses have a higher level of demand and the content of the course is very extensive. All students want to get the highest possible score and guarantee their acceptance to their college of choice. 


12 week of classes from February 1st to May 7th

We have a continued program during the year scheduling classes at any time when the student require it; but we also have a catalog of designed classes for groups offering during the semester.


- These classes are mainly for K-12 grade.

- Students can be part of a learning group and have a greater motivation to achieve the learning goals

Beginners English 

Tuesday: 5 - 6pm

GRADES:  1 - 4

PRICE: $225

The English classes are designed for students with little or no previous study of the English language. This course is designed for beginners, with an interactive focus on communication. During our sessions, students will be able to use simple phrases to communicate in basic English in a variety of everyday situations. Students will be able to use context to construct meaning and self-monitor their English language development acquisition. Through activities, games and practice, students will be able to introduce themselves and others, ask for and give basic personal information using the present-tense to be verb forms.

Essay writing workshop for high schoolers

Saturday: 10 - 11am

GRADES:  9 - 12

PRICE: $225

In this workshop students will learn the step by step writing process. They will learn a variety of ways to put their thoughts in order in the pre-writing phase. This makes it clear for the student to understand where they are going with their essay and why. We will analyze the question and main idea to form a concise and strong thesis that will tie in with their introduction. Students will learn how to write each paragraph to focus on the main idea and justify their information with evidence. Students will then learn how to evaluate their writing to make analytical decisions on what to omit or add in the editing phase. Let’s begin writing!

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