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Know the Director

"My strong belief in teaching our children and youth to become good citizens drives me to be a better teacher and set the example." Claudia Landeros

Maestra Claudia. Directora de Contigo Spanish

     Maestra Claudia Landeros boasts a remarkable academic journey that has equipped her with a diverse range of skills and experiences. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas in Mexico, followed by a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics for Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the Universidad de Jaén in Spain. Building on her passion for language and literature, she pursued further education, attaining a second Bachelor's and Master's degree in Spanish and Literature from Cal State LA.

     With a foundation in both business and language studies, Claudia gained valuable professional experience in the corporate world, specifically in Human Resources and Business Consulting. Her unique blend of expertise brings a fresh perspective to her teaching approach.

     Notably, Claudia's dedication to making a positive impact led her to found and lead "Friendship Camp", a non-profit organization based in Zacatecas, Mexico. Through this initiative, she touched the lives of underprivileged children in rural communities, providing them with enriching experiences and quality education. She planned the entire curriculum for the summer camp, orchestrated teacher participation, and facilitated the participation of volunteer teachers from the United States.

     Having spent a significant portion of her life in Mexico before immigrating in 2003, Claudia's cultural roots remain an integral part of her identity. Over the past 15 years, she has excelled as a private Spanish Linguistics and Literature instructor, harnessing her expertise to create impactful learning experiences for her students.

     Claudia's literary prowess was on full display during her tenure as writer and editor-in-chief of the Spanish-language section of the University Times, Cal State LA's newspaper. This role not only highlighted her language skills but also exemplified her commitment to fostering communication and cultural understanding. Her fervor for writing remains an enduring passion, one that she has continued to cultivate as one of her favorite hobbies.


     Beyond her academic and professional achievements, Claudia's cultural involvement is underscored by her deep passion for dance, particularly Mexican Folklore dance. Her enthusiasm for this traditional art form reflects her dedication to preserving and celebrating her cultural heritage.

     In summary, Maestra Claudia stands as a multi-faceted educator with a wealth of experience, a diverse skill set, and an unwavering dedication to fostering education, cultural understanding, and community enrichment.


We are a professional company in teaching Spanish as a second language, from kindergarten to high school students and adults looking to embrace new horizons in the language.


Our sole objective is to meet our teaching objectives and achieve the satisfaction of our customers. We carry out our work following quality standards, which have given us the trust of our students.

We primarily serve -in person- in the Los Angeles area, but our online classes can reach you wherever you are.

Our methodology is based on the Cognitive approach that indicates that learning is an active and significant process. In other words, the learner acquires new information and transfers it into a context that is meaningful and ongoing. On the contrary, the mere memorization of new concepts is of little use and is immediately forgotten.

Cognitive strategies in education are skills that a student uses consciously and significantly to solve problems. Our methodology leads students to be independent learners.

The Contigo study program main focus on activities where the student develops and improves cognitive skills. These activities help the student to participate actively in class and not just listen, write and repeat what the instructor says.

For learning to be meaningful it must:

1. Be substantial for the student.

2. Be reconcilable with the student's prior knowledge.

3. Be useful in real contexts.

Contigo's main goal is for the learner to be able to communicate in Spanish effectively and efficiently.

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