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Know the Director

"My strong belief in teaching our children and youth to become good citizens drives me to be a better teacher and set the example." Claudia Landeros


Maestra Claudia Landeros got a BA in Business Psychology from Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, in México, a M.A in Applied Linguistics to Teach Spanish as a Second Language from Universidad de Jaén, in Spain, a second B.A and M.A. in Spanish and Literature from Cal State LA. She worked for a business enterprise company where she gained experience in Human Resources and Business Consulting working. She was the founder and director of “Friendship Camp” (Non-Profit organization) in Zacatecas, México. The organization worked with underprivileged children in rural communities to bring them a new experience and quality education. Claudia designed and implemented full curriculum for summer camp session. She also organized teacher participation, including volunteer teachers coming from the U.S.

She was born and lived in México until she immigrated in 2003. For the past 15 years she has been working as a private Spanish Linguistics tutor and Literature instructor. Her professional background includes instructing,  designing lesson plans and curriculum. She also was writer and the editor in chief of the Spanish section of the University Times, the newspaper from Cal State LA. and now she continues writing on her blog "Amas de Casa por Vocación" (  Regarding her cultural background, she has been involved in many cultural activities, having a passion in dance, especially in Mexican Folklore dance.


We are a professional company in the teaching of Spanish as a second language, high school classes, and AP Spanish tutoring offering quality services with the sole objective of fulfilling our teaching objectives, and to achieve the satisfaction of our clients. We carry out our work following quality standards, which have given us the confidence of our students. 

We mainly serve -in person- in Los Angeles area, but our online classes can reach you wherever you are located.

Our methodology is based on the Cognitive approach that indicates that learning is an active and significant process.  In other words, the student acquires new information and he transfer it to a context that is meaningful and continuous.  On the  contrary,  the mere memorization of new concepts is of little use and it is immediately forgotten.

Cognitive strategies in education are skills that a student uses consciously and significantly to solve problems. Our methodology leads students to be independent learners.

The Contigo study program main focus on activities where the student develops and improves cognitive skills. These activities help the student to participate actively in class and not just listen, write and repeat what the instructor says.

For learning to be meaningful it must:

1. Be substantial for the student.

2. Be reconcilable with the student's prior knowledge.

3. Be useful in real contexts.

Contigo's main goal is for the learner to be able to communicate in Spanish effectively and efficiently.

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