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Spanish for medical professionals

Spanish for health care professionals

The course is designed to cover the main topics in the medical and health-care areas, like illnesses, treatments, symptoms, and patient’s health history. Through the use of dialogues and role plays different scenarios are represented to reinforces Spanish communication between practitioner and patient.


Within each lesson, students will learn medical terminology, general vocabulary, grammar, colloquial expressions, and cultural aspects of the Hispanic community.


Student will start immediately learning and using phrases in Spanish related with the daily activities in the medical field, but by taking classes orderly and consistently, and reinforcing continued practice, they can become proficient in the language at the end of the course.


The course is directed to Medical or Nursing students, and healthcare professionals in different specialties.

  • Classes are 100% ONLINE!

  • The schedule depends on student’s availability.

  • Students decide when to start taking the classes.

If you are interested on private lessons, you can send us a message on our                                 page.

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