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Welcome to our Spanish classes!       


Learn Spanish today!

Knowledge at Every Level!

We are a team of native speaking instructors that will help students to communicate in Spanish in a fun, effective, and relaxing way. You can study Spanish as a second language through a wide catalog of courses with different objectives choosing the one appropriate to your needs, or you can have your own individual and personalized online class, with flexible schedule from the comfort of your own place.  We aim to provide our students with a meaningful and satisfying learning experience. We do not want you to be a temporal student, we want you to be part of our family and allow us to walk CONTIGO on the path of language acquisition.

We Make Learning Fun!

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  • Spanish classes from K-12

  • Middle & High school tutoring, including AP Spanish: Grammar, literature, and conversation 

  • One-on-one & group classes   

  • Homeschooling

  • Online & in-person classes


  • Beginning, intermediate, and advance level

  • Literary analysis

  • Creative writing

  • Conversation

  • Medical Spanish

  • Online classes


  • Enrichment classes

  • Afterschool program

  • Curriculum Development for schools

  • Gamification


Summer classes for kids

Contigo Summer classes have been designed with flexibility for families in mind. Whether you opt for one or both sessions, we are delighted to welcome your kids to our classes.

Session 1: June 17 - July 12

Session 2: July 22 - August 14

$128 per session


Beginning Spanish

Grades 2-4

Monday at 12pm

Welcome to our Spanish classes designed especially for children who are just beginning their journey with the language! Our fun and interactive sessions are perfect for children with little or no previous experience in Spanish. Through games, songs, stories and playful activities, they will learn basic vocabulary, simple phrases and essential linguistic structures in an attractive and supportive environment.

Beginning Spanish 

Grades 5-8

Monday at 10am

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to basic Spanish concepts, vocabulary, and pronunciation through a variety of fun activities, games, and exercises.
Whether your child is taking his/her first steps into the  Spanish world or looking to build on her existing knowledge, this course sets the stage for a satisfying and enriching language-learning journey.

Conversational Spanish

Grades 3-8

Tuesday at 11am

In this course, students will participate in a variety of interactive activities, discussions, and role-playing aimed at improving their ability to communicate effectively in Spanish. Whether discussing current events, sharing personal experiences, or participating in role-playing scenarios, students will have ample opportunities to apply their language skills in meaningful contexts.

Spanish 101

Grades 2-5

Tuesday at 12pm

During this course students will develop a foundational understanding of Spanish, enabling them to confidently communicate in everyday situations and laying the groundwork for further exploration of the language. Emphasizing a gentle and accommodating approach, our curriculum is structured to adapt to each student's learning pace, fostering a comfortable and supportive environment for language acquisition.

Spanish Grammar Review for Highschoolers

Grades 9-12

Monday at 11am

This grammar review is designed for Spanish 1 and 2 students, providing a solid foundation and reinforcing key concepts so you can communicate confidently in Spanish. This short course will help you improve your linguistic skills and take your Spanish to the next level

Students will practice verb conjugation, nouns, and various types of adjectives, and they will delve into adverbs to demonstrate how, when, and where actions occur.

Getting ready for AP Spanish

Grades 10-12

Tuesday at 10am

This course is specifically designed for students aiming to excel in their AP Spanish class. Geared towards intermediate to advanced level learners, it offers targeted instruction and practice to sharpen language skills and address the rigorous demands of the AP curriculum. This course emphasizes reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and cultural understanding so that students participate in a comprehensive review and improve their  Spanish proficiency.


Spanish at the park
Grades 2-5

Wednesday, 10am- 12pm
$248 per session

Location: Emery Park 
2709 Mimosa St, Alhambra, CA 91803

Heading 2

Join us for an exciting Spanish learning experience amidst the beauty of nature! Our 'Spanish in the Park' classes offer a unique combination of language immersion and outdoor exploration, perfect for kids eager to learn while having fun.

In our classes, children will participate in a variety of stimulating activities, all conducted in Spanish, to improve their language skills while enjoying the outdoors. From painting vibrant landscapes to exploring the wonders of natural science, creating wonderful pieces and even learning the art of crochet, each session is full of adventure and discovery.

Children will not only learn new vocabulary and expressions, but they will also develop a deeper appreciation of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Through hands-on experiences and interactive lessons, they will strengthen their language proficiency while connecting with nature and their peers in an inspiring and supportive environment.


Spanish class in action

Are you and other families interested in in-person classes for your children? Do you know that you could form a study group? The only requirement is that the classes would take place at the residence of one of the participating families.
Welcome homeschooling children! 

We are an approved vendor for the following charter schools: Sage Oak, Blue Ridge, Excel Academy, Sky Mountain, Cabrillo Point Academy, Mission Vista, iLead, Granite Mountain, Compass, and SunCoast.

If you don't see your school in our list, let us know and we will sign up.

You can use your school's funds to pay for any classes at CONTIGO.

Sharpened Color Pencils


Mrs. Landeros is an awesome Teacher!  Our Home-schooled children love her! She's prepared at each one of the classes and although the ages of our kids in our group range, each one of them engages very well in class as she brings each one a customized activity appropriate for their age.  We love her soft and respectful tone toward the children and her fun and spontaneous ways of teaching! We recommend her teachings to all home-schooled families!  

Josie Medina, Stella and Sasha's mom / Downey, CA.

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