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Location: Emery Park 
2709 Mimosa St, Alhambra, CA 91803


Thematic units

12-week semester

From September 11th to December 11th

Calling all young adventurers and Spanish language enthusiasts!

Get ready for an exciting blend of language learning and outdoor play with our "Spanish at the Park" program. Imagine exploring the wonders of the park while engaging in dynamic Spanish activities. Our program transforms the park into a language-rich environment, where kids learn while having a blast!

Step outside the traditional classroom and into the park's open spaces. Fresh air and sunshine invigorate the learning experience, making language acquisition even more memorable.

Our sessions incorporate fun activities, from gardening and science experiments to crafts and games to delve into practical topics like shopping, school, family, and more, because learning is at its best when it's fun!

Class information:

- Meeting Day: Wednesday 


     - Grades: K-2, from 10am - 10:55am

     - Grades: 3-6, from 11am - 11:55am

- 55 minute- session


- $310 

Frequently FAQs for Spanish Classes at the Park for Kids


What are these Spanish classes at the park for kids?

These are interactive and fun Spanish classes held in the park, designed to teach Spanish to children in an engaging way.


Who are these classes suitable for? These classes are designed for children from kindergarten to 6 grade.


How do I enroll my child?

You can enroll your child by visiting our website and filling out the enrollment form.


What will my child learn in these classes?

Children will learn basic Spanish vocabulary, phrases, and conversational skills through interactive games, activities, role plays, crafts, etc.


Does my child need any prior knowledge of Spanish?

No prior knowledge is required. These classes are designed for beginners, and the curriculum is tailored to accommodate all skill levels.


What should my child bring to the classes?

Children should bring comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Any necessary learning materials will be provided.


How will you ensure my child's safety during the classes?

The safety of our students is a top priority. Classes are held in designated park areas with supervision. Instructors are trained to create a safe and secure environment for all participants; however, parents must always stay nearby during the class.


What is the class size?

Class sizes are limited to ensure personalized attention for each child. Typically, we aim for a class size with a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8.


Is there a trial class available?

Yes, we often offer trial classes for new students. Please check our website for announcements regarding upcoming trial class opportunities, or contact us for more information.


What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy varies based on the program you choose. Please refer to our terms and conditions on the website or contact us for detailed information.


Can parents observe the classes?

Yes, while parents generally do not participate in the classes, there should be nearby to observe their child, so they can be witnesses of their child's progress.


What happens in case of bad weather?

If weather conditions do not allow us to have the class in the park, the class will be conducted via Zoom or at a nearby public library. The instructor will send the link and all necessary instructions in advance. Alternatively, if the entire group is free, we could arrange a makeup class for a different day.


Can we pay for these classes with my Charter funding?

Yes, you can use your charter school funds to pay for any of our classes.

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