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¡Aprende español!

We have vast experience on teaching Spanish as a second language. We have been working with students in the Los Angeles area for more than a decade now, teaching online and in-person classes. Our Spanish classes unified the grammatical concept of the language and its relationship with the culture. In other words, “language is culture”.


- The course is made up of three main levels. from A1 to C2, according to CEFRL.


- Each step is necessary to advance to the next level.

- Students have an assessment test at the beginning and at the end of each level to monitor their progress. Although, the best method to evaluate learning is the use of the language in real contexts.

- Not all classes are so formal grammatically. They are primarily planned with the student's expectations and wishes in mind.


- There are a catalog of classes for different levels offering throughout the year.

- Classes are scheduled for the whole semester, between 8 to 12 weeks, but you can form your own learning group and  start classes at any time.

- 6 sessions minimum required to form a new group.

- Group classes have deeper practice and understanding of learned material.


- Set your class schedule to start at any time.

- Learn one- on -one on a live class with a native-speaking instructor.

- Personalized approach.

- No distractions, having your class at your quiet and peaceful setting.

- 100% online 


Classes begin on January 30th
8 weeks of classes

Speak Spanish from the first class!

Beginning Spanish for adults

Saturday, 10-11am

This Spanish class is designed for students with little or no previous study on Spanish. The course introduces students to the basic language of the Spanish-speaking people. During the sessions students will be able to use simple phrases to identify, understand and ask for situations, people, and places. The target language will be used mainly to satisfy immediate communication needs. Students can introduce themselves and others, ask for and give basic personal information. They also will be able to communicate in an elementary way as long as the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly.

Taller de conversación en español (Conversational workshop)

Monday & Wednesday, 6-7pm

1 day - $210 / 2 days - $400

During this course students will be immersing into oral practice based on the context of daily living. The course does not carry grammatical analysis, but it is focused on the syntax and semantics of Spanish. This means to place the words in the correct order in a sentence to express concepts in a coherent way and give meaning to what is being expressed.

Creative writing

Saturday, 9-10am
The objective of this course is to learn and improve the language by reading, analyzing, and writing literature in Spanish. Students will explore some literary genres in Spanish (poetry and short stories). This course might be an excellent practice for those people who wants to develop and go further in their Spanish language skills. Through practice, students will be able to improve the syntax and semantics of Spanish. Their writings will not only be a tool for practicing Spanish but will help them develop their writing skills in general.

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